A b o u t . H o n e y . B u n


Honey Bun Studio celebrates all that is colourful, beautiful and cute. While we have a certification in floristry and extensive experience in the fresh flower industry (so we can happily offer those services), Honey Bun specialises in handmade paper flower arrangements, gifts and cards. We are a small business based in Adelaide, South Australia working from our home studio that is overseen by our two mini lops and inspirations for Honey Bun’s logo, Miso and Kewpie! We are passionate about supporting local and environmentally friendly businesses and supporting those in our community. Honey Bun seeks to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible by choosing materials from environmentally responsible sources and keeping waste to a minimum. We regularly choose local charities to donate a percentage of our profits to, especially in the realms of environmental restoriation and native animal protection. The Rescue Collective and Tree Project are just some of the chartities your purchases help to support. If we make paper flowers, we want to help plant a tree for every bouquet we make.

Most imporantly, Honey Bun seeks to speak wordlessly to your inner child and that deep inner part of your brain that mysteriously makes you want to squeeze cute things. ^ _ ^